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Mosaic India Stout

Polly's Brew Co.

A stout at the peak of summer? You must be mad, Polly’s! Well, we’ve never been ones to completely toe the line here in this sleepy corner of North Wales. Wanting to re-ignite the age old debate that always followed these beers of whether it’s a stout or a Black IPA (it’s a stout, seriously), we’ve dipped our toes back into the world of the dark side, and hopped this India Stout with a gentle 20kg cold side addition of Mosaic to offset a 5kg hot side addition of the same varietal to add a classic Polly’s hoppy bite to all those amazing roasted barley flavours. Expect a swag bag of bitter, piney and resinous hops paired up with coffee, chocolate and smokey notes for a beer that is as complex as it is delicious.

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